Pousada Fulô da Pedra  is located in front of the nature reserve of Pedra da Boca, a rocky area of extreme natural beauty, on the border between the states of Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte. Pedra da Boca means "the mouth of the rock", so–named because of a gash in the mountain which resembles an enormous mouth. It is approximately 2 hours from Natal and Pipa and 2 ½ hours from João Pessoa.

The farm “Rancho da Esperança”, on which the pousada is situated, has belonged to Gil and Annica since 2005. From the beginning they have always had the desire to share this unique setting with other nature-lovers.
Annica, who is Swedish, has worked in the tourist industry in various locations, all over the globe.  Gil was born and raised behind the nature reserve and is the fourth generation of farmers. He is an authority on horsemanship (how to communicate with horses in their language, ie according to their needs, not human dictates) and offers courses. Depending on the season, he also has cattle. For Gil and Annica the farm, is an extension of the nature reserve. The local flora and fauna are highly valued. This is one of the reasons why the Brazilian Environmental Protection Agency  has worked in conjunction with the owners on various occasions.

In the northeastern countryside there are two distinct seasons: the dry and the rainy season. When it rains everything is transformed into a lush, verdant landscape. During the drought, the sun-baked  panorama takes on  a  totally different aspect. Whilst  both times have their appeal, all year round it is important to conserve water, you never know how long the dry season will last. In the rainy season temperatures  can be cool ,dropping to 20 degrees. This, naturally adds to the appeal of the area  as it is rare  in the northeast to find a temperate climate.

Fulô da Pedra, "flower of the rock" takes its name from a tiny little flower that grows on the rocks and take part of this unique eco-system. In Portuguese “Flor “ translates as flower but  using the local dialect  the word is ”Fulô". 

The pousada is located in the original farm buildings which have undergone careful restoration. The main building houses the kitchen and restaurant. Nine separate appartments of various sizes are available for couples and families and in addition there is a dormitory which sleeps up to sixteen guests.

The breakfast is hearty northeastern fare which provides all the necessary calories for an active day in the countryside.There is a wide choice of local produce according to what is in season and the dishes available are inspired by traditional country cooking. Beer and wine are available but the pousada has a policy of drinking in moderation which means that spirits are not available . Here the motto is ”early to bed,early to rise”. After a full day´s healthy exercise what better way to wind down than around a communal bonfire! And if you come during the time of full moon that is a real bonus!

In addition to what is in the nature reserve, Pousada Fulô da Pedra can provide information on many kilometers of trails for hiking and cycling. In addition there are two  mountains within the boundaries of the farm to climb. There are hikes for all  levels  of skill and  local guides are available to explain the details of the local eco-system. Cyclists come here to practice mountain biking and the competitions pass over the farm land. For abseiling and hiking the competent and experienced Julio is available with an impressive array of equipment. Nest to the stables, we have a conference room available for up to 30 people for various types of groups and courses and a tatame for yoga, meditation and marcial arts.

Horseriding is currently not an option, but Gil offers groups how he works with the horses and the particpants are invited to try.

There is also a photogallery.


 Please note that it is imperative to book in advance.

We look forward to your visit !

Welcome to the Pedra da Boca and Fulô da Pedra!

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